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Is It About Time You Thought About Getting Your Roof Replaced?

Is your roofing system beyond repair?

Are you suffering from problems with your existing roof is it looking old and tired and wanting replacing?

Are you dealing with unexpected leaks and many other problems?

Are you  fed up with very expensive repair jobs to your roof, or you’ve had at least one leak where you’ve had water enter your roof through different places?

If you have answered yes to the above, then you should probably look at a new roof installation.

A couple of the common causes of roof problems include erosion of your roof tiles and linings, rusty nails and structural decay. Any of these types of issues is able to lead to your roof becoming damaged beyond repair.

Constant roof repair jobs maybe very expensive and in some cases, they just hide the problem for a short while.

Although some roof structures can last a lifetime, most roofing materials typically fall into disrepair after 20-25 years and may require replacing. Eventually, you can begin to see some larger openings or broken shingles, misaligned chimneys, faded fascias, rusty gutters, or paint flaking from a number of sections. If the problem is an excessive amount, it is more effective to remove and replace the complete roof instead of making an attempt to mend small sections.

Qualified Professional Roofing Specialists Salford

Every one of our roofers are fully insured, highly trained and have years of experience in installing and replacing new roofs all over the Salford area. They can fully remove and replace any current and damaged roof covering on both pitched and flat roof surfaces. As authorised installers for some of the leading roofing product suppliers they only use the best quality products and always install them to the suppliers guidelines.

They’ll provide you with a full Roof Replacement Service that is quality assured which is going to look fabulous whilst also lasting for years to come. They’ll handle everything from delivering all of the materials to planning the skips and scaffolding guaranteeing that for you the full job from start to finish is hassle free and they guarantee your total satisfaction.

To get a professional opinion on your roof and its current upkeep, contact us today.

Do You Want A Roof Replacement Or Roof Repairs?

Re-roofing is undoubtedly among one of the most important projects that you’ll tackle on your property and because of this you really need to be in the hands of experts. Roof replacement is among the primary professional services offered by our Roofing contractors. This can be for a newly developed property or when overhauling a full existing roof.

Identifying whether or not to fully replace or patch a damaged roof can often be a confusing choice. Although roof repair will quite often be the right strategy, in many cases it is only prolonging the inevitable and can lead to extra damage and larger long term expenses. It is important to make the right choice and we would always strongly recommend asking for advice from a professional roofing service provider if you are unsure.

If you’re unsure whether or not you really need to replace or repair your roof then our roofing contractors will be happy to take a look at your roofing issue and advise on the best and most appropriate course of action to make your property roof secure and safe.

  • Wet marks on your ceiling or water pooling in your loft space.
  • Tiny shafts of light coming into your loft.
  • Damaged roof tiles on the floor of your property or visible damaged tiles on your roof itself.
  • Any type of noticeable drooping in parts of your roof.
  • Moss gathering on your roof.
  • All of your next door neighbours are getting a new roof installed (if your roof is the very last one on your street for being replaced then it’s most likely due).
  • Heavily cracked or broken tiles. Roof {tiles!slates} can be simply replaced, however if they are all deteriorated to a point where they are too permeable for being practical then a new roof installation ought to be considered.
The price of your new roof installation in Salford will be different based on the type of tiles required and the size of your roof. To replace a roof, skips and scaffolding will also be needed and will be included in your quote. Any extras like nails and the right high quality fittings Labour: the number of of roofers required on the project and for how much time A replacement roof quotation is worked out using:
  • Complete area of the roof to get removed and replaced in Square metres.
  • How many roof tiles are required and the type of tile you choose.
  • How many skips we’ll need to remove your old roof
  • The overall length of roof lead needed for the gulleys and valleys
  • Timber for your roof battens

The roofing replacement services that our professionals supply covers a number of issues and faults that may happen on a range of roofing materials. Regardless of whether you need your gutters cleaning, a leak in your roof repaired, the chimney flashing repaired, our roofing service providers have the knowledge, skills and the up-to-the-minute equipment to provide the highest possible standard of work.

They cater to both commercial and residential customers, so whatever your roofing repair problem is and whatever type of property you own, phone us today.

Each one of our service providers give FREE, no-obligation quotes for both small and large-scale roofing repairs, so you know that you’re getting the very best service without any surprise concealed charges.

If you’re in need of a roof repair in Salford, or any of the surrounding areas such as Manchester, Stretford, Sale, Altrincham, Stockport, Bury, then contact us today.

To get a professional opinion on your roof and its current upkeep, contact us today.